Kilema is more than a professional musician. His music is born from values, promoting living together, peace, solidarity and tolerance, and respect for diversity. For all these reasons, Kilema is a person committed with his time, with the problems affecting all human beings, raising his voice in a soft but definitive way, against unfairness, violence and the economic and social divide. Peace is the axis of his activities, and so he transmits peace and joy in all his performances.

From peace, from tranquillity, from respect, defending the fundamental principles and values of the human beings, this musician has been directly involved in a number of relevant international charity projects. He is currently developing an ambitious international cooperation project in the Toliara region (south Madagascar), to support the academic training of the children in this community.
An artist of international recognition who never forgets his roots and who works to mitigate, as much as possible, the disadvantaged situation of the community where he was born.
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