Since 1994, Kilema has played on the main stages in the world, together with the famous WOMAD festivals, sponsored by Peter Gabriel, the mythical Woodstock in the USA on its 25th anniversary, including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe, Taiwan, Korea, United Arab Emirates, etc. He has played in New York’s Central Park and his music has been praised by several experts, receiving positive reviews not only in the musical scene, but also in the social and cultural areas.
Kilema 2016 - Madagascar Culture & Music
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International career
“ a breath of joy and hope for all kinds of audiences”
“extraordinary balance of musical quality, harmony, vocal originality and mastery in the interpretation of original native instruments”
Numerous collaborations with so many musicians from all the world representing very different styles where the artist impregnates the music of other authors with a particular feeling.
A long list of festivals and concerts around the world, which vouch for the projection and remarkable career of this musician.
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Fragmento de la canción Mavandivandy - Kilema
Between 1994 and 1997, Kilema was a member of the prestigious Malagasy group “Justin Vali Trio”, supported by Peter Gabriel, creator of the Real World and Womad festivals.
This trio produces a cocktail of evoking rhythms and refined vocal harmonies. These are musicians who were born to music from the cradle, artisan musicians, promoters of the Malagasy traditions.
Justin Vali Trio
Polynesia Proyect
Talilema is the result of the meeting of two musicians whose roots go back to Madagascar.
Talike is a singer, composer, dancer, percussionist and story-teller. She met Kilema during their university years in Antananarivo. Both musicians reunited again in the International Fair of Musics of the World in Seville, where they decided to create Talilema. This amazing Malagasy duo performed in the Shark Taronalari Festival in Samarkand (Uzbekistan) where they were awarded 3rd prize representing Madagascar.
In 2013, on the 10th anniversary of the Latvian band Auli, Kilema is invited by their leader, Kaspars Barbals, to compose the theme Taltalu and play with them.
The idea started after both artists met in a concert and decided to create this song which speaks of the importance of music for the union of the peoples. The video clip was born from this wonderful idea, full of puppets, colours, positivism and energy.
It all started after a relevant festival in Japan, where Chalaw and Kilema met. After a while, Chalaw’s producer contacted Kilema on his behalf to propose his participation in this project, as a musician and arranger. Since this project together with the Taiwanese Chalaw and the guitar player Isaac Muñoz, the record Polynesia was created. This record is full of musical diversity and obtained 4 Grammy Awards in 2015. This meant that they were to open the Grammy Award ceremony the following year.
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International Career
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