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Kilema 2016 - Madagascar Culture & Music
Member of a large family, Clément Randrianantoandro (Toliara, Madagascar, 1960) grew among string instruments and African rhythms. This international musician studied his degree in English to fulfil his father’s wish, but soon he started his career towards his innate passion: music.
He began his artistic career cooperating with several music bands, both in the capital of his country and in his native village. This provided the necessary practice and experience in playing several musical instruments, including Madagascar’s traditional ones and also modern ones.
As a result of this experience, he was requested by the Hilton Hotel in Antananarivo as the vocalist for the group “Cadence bleue”, with which he played for more than three years, while he was studying at university. In this way, he started playing every night and started with gigs in and outside the island.
In 1993 he went to Paris, where he lived for some time with one of his brothers. There, he met Justin Vali, one of the great Malagasy musicians established in Europe. Together, they went to a number of countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan or Germany, in the well-known Womad festivals, promoted by Peter Gabriel, to broadcast ethnic music from all the world. A particular mix between Asia and Africa, melody from one continent and rhythm from the other. A universal music which speaks the same language, that of love, peace and life, same for all of us, which reminds us that we all laugh, that we all cry.
In 1999, as a result o this valuable international experience and the contact with sounds from all the planet, Kilema sets out to create his own band, to express the fusion of traditional music and world music. Already established in Cordoba (Spain), he starts his band, together with his brother Nesta and two local musicians, in charge of bass guitar and percussion.
Currently, this worldwide ambassador of Madagascar does not only work in his music. He also directs a programme of workshops for children, designed by himself, where he offers a sample of the Malagasy culture in all its richness. Part of his time is devoted to charity activities in order to help disadvantaged communities all over the world, which helps us learn about his social and human commitment.
With a career of over 20 years, three records in the market ('Ka Malisa' Iris Musique/Harmonia Mundi 1999; 'Lavi Tany' Ventilador Music 2005 and 'Mena' Snail Records, 2008), Kilema has taken part in the most prestigious festivals in Sweden, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Finland, Sardinia, Taiwan and Spain. He has also participated in the 1994 re-edition of Woodstock Festival. All these events have served to implement a wider range of musical styles, which helped develop his own style within World Music.
His studio has become a sanctuary for traditional stringed instruments from the furthermost corners of the planet. The kabosy, katsa, valiha or marovany, a singular acoustic table which reminds of the harp, are some of the instruments he masters.
Currently, the artist, is still roaming the world, carrying with his music the culture, art and essence of his country, to all the people attending his shows, because “Kilema is not only music, Kilema is a concept”.
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