The artist has published three records so far. They are three very different works, but they share Kilema’s harmony, essence and lifestyle. They speak of ideas and specific situations, of everyday life, of values, of roots...
Each and all of them have been written from the heart, to take us to the true and honest musical feeling of the artist. Kilema is currently composing his fourth album.
First record of the artist, released in 1999 with Iris Musique / Harmonia Mundi Distribution. This album takes us to an “easy” lifestyle, highlighting the important values of daily life, making us feel the Malagasy essence of the artist.
Ka malisa
Kilema’s second album, released in 2005 with Audiovisuals de Sarria. Feelings of longing of the one who is far from his land, who is far from his roots. Each note draws the importance of his origins, his roots, the originality of the person.
His last album to the date, released in 2008, with Snail Records/ Coast To Coast Distribution. This is a deeper, more personal work than the previous ones. The artist outlines his themes under the concept of the search for global peace. Unity, respect, and living in understanding for all the communities of the world. These are the main ideas in the album.
Due to the great success of the artist in numerous countries of Asia, in 2014, “Mena” is re-edited in Taiwan, with Taiwan Colour Music.
Mena (Taiwan)
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01. Ka malisa

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